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Abuse Issues PDF Print E-mail
Abuse Issues
Alcohol & Drug Information School (ADIS) PDF Print E-mail

Alcohol & Drug Information School (ADIS)

ADIS is the State of Alaska Program . for first time individuals who have been court ordered to obtain Alcohol and Drug intervention. 

The primary goal of ADIS is to reduce the number of alchol and other drug related crimes and to help individuals to understand, change or stop their high-risk use of substances. 

Anger Management PDF Print E-mail

Effective anger management is one of the most important emotional skills you can learn. It is quite apparent how anger can damage relationships, and that is bad enough.

Anxiety PDF Print E-mail


Research has shown that people suffering from stress-related disorders tend to show hyperactivity in a particular preferred system, such as skeletal-muscular, cardiovascular, or gastrointestinal system. There are two types of stress:  (1) Event Stress caused by some singular experience and (2) Chronic Stress caused by the continuation of a stressful experience that has not been resolved and continues to re-occur.  For example, the evidence shows that chronic stress can result in muscle tension and fatigue for some people. For others, it can contribute to stress hypertension, body soreness, migraine headaches, upset stomach, ulcers, or chronic diarrhea, colds, and insomnia.  Almost every system in your body can be damaged by stress.  Suppression of the reproduction system can cause amenorrhea (cessation of menstruation) and failure to ovulate in women, impotency in men, and loss of libido in both.

Bereavement and Loss PDF Print E-mail
Bereavement and Loss
Clinical Hypnotherapy PDF Print E-mail
Clinical Hypnotherapy
Core Communications PDF Print E-mail


Life coaching for personal development and rehabilitation

Meditation/Relaxation PDF Print E-mail


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Phobias PDF Print E-mail
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder PDF Print E-mail
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder-PTSD
Smoking Cessation PDF Print E-mail

Substance Abuse

It is evident that people who live in chronically stressed-out conditions are more likely to take up smoking, alcohol and substance abuse (drugs, prescribed or illegal

Substance Abuse Issues PDF Print E-mail

Substance Abuse Issues


Trauma PDF Print E-mail
Weight management PDF Print E-mail

Weight management:  Obtaining your Ideal Body


The habit of over eating has become and is so well-ingrained in our mind and body, it almost seems to be reflexive action.  Regardless of  the the reason you eat, each reason has its own particular trigger and provide to you its own unique satisfaction.  You decided you wanted to regain your ideal body by become and remaining a conscious non-overeater.  Taking away any one of the reasons/habits can sometimes cause personal distress or hightened cravings for the particular food(s).   To lessen and eliminate the distress, a program of attentive eating and counseling can be of immense help.  There are so many dieting programs touted in the media, from friends and even medical proffessionals, we become very confused by the various promises of each type of dieting program.  It is necessary to find out and know the reason we start eating, or have that extra portion.  It also does not help to go to the salad bar and load up our salad with all of th creamy dressings even though the brand or sign may say low calorie.  Instead of taking a small portion of what we desire to eat, we load up our plates.  Take a small portion of the foods offered and then return if still hungry.  Eat to satisfy the body's need and not because the eyes are bigger tan the stomach.  Those super-size portions or drinks do not help either.  A bit of exercise also helps.