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Communicate more effectively about day-to-day issues.  Manage and resolve conflicts.  Build a more productive and satisfying relationship.  Prevent chronic-marital discord.  Couple Communication is grounded in the fact that an intimate partnership, which is able to face life's concerns and solve problems effectively, is a fundamental resource for coping with relationship stress.

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 Soul essence experience gathering is the retrieval of an individual’s soul energy that is left behind throughout an individual’s relationship travels and existence environments.  As a person moves through their various relationship travels, bits and pieces of their energy, Identified as energy tailings are left behind; maintaining a thread of connection back to past experiences, the womb, intimate relationships, incidents, possession and drugs.  Tailings can be intentional or unintentional.  Non conscious connection or at will remembering of pleasant and unpleasant experiences keep the experience threads connected.  This may bring up a desire to re-live or keep in ready mental access, an experience when pleasant; maintaining a doorway for replay (daydreaming) or instant recall.  The threads connection and the individual’s reactions are controlled through and in what can be termed an Amnesiastic State.  This means, there is no active memory of the experiences.  There is a state of amnesia.  These energy threads can be connected to past relationships, addictions, suicide/past death, past mental or psychological difficulties or any combination of all.  Threads are at times maintained because the state of existence the connections produce within the individual, indicate their reaction to stimuli of their surroundings and identified in how they are perceived by society.  This can be understood when we experience someone’s behavior and think or say they always act that way; or something is not right with such and such because of how they are acting.  Another sometimes unrecognized possibility is that the person we are observing may be in a state of dissociation as part of Dissociation Identity Disorder (DID).  Thread exploration have the unique proper of giving the therapist or healer the answer as to attachments.  Each of us has the potential of threads leading to past experience energies.


    When the experience energy is centered on relationship, any present relationship is measured against past relationship experience.  If a current relationship lacks any of the personally perceived past acceptable aspects, then the on-going relationship may suffer if the trailing thread connection is overly strong.  The relationship will be scrutinized and processed to highlight and examine every lack.  There may have been unpleasant aspects of the past relationship, which are intentionally not brought up because no intense trauma was connected.  If there were intense traumas connected to the past relationship, minimization may takes place; to intentionally lessen the impact, because more pleasant than unpleasant experiences were present in the relationship or the pleasant experience was so strong or had a high meaning or impact on the individual’s life.  This minimization over time places the relationship experience(s) into a not very important repository because only the pleasant aspects are tagged by the individual to be recalled.  The reverse may be that the minimization is done to not remember, because there is a refusal to believe the act really happened. The individual the experience is shared with, is remembered as “really was not that kind of person or was not being them self” and so the experience is deeply buried within the psyche.  Whenever such thoughts enter as someone not being them self, then the possibility of believing it was a fluke behavior is strong.  The placing of the experience into the not very important category does not erase the impact or influence on the present relationship.  In reality the experience(s) exert strong influence, governing reaction(s) to whatever occurs in the present ongoing relationship or search for a relationship.  If the individual is seeking a relationship, then all encounters with potential to become a significant relationship may not be allowed to grow because the amnesiastic state channels information to the conscious mind, recalling the past experience thoughts and begins setting the conditions under which any relationship is approached.  This introduces a reluctance to try; not allowing the relationship to develop on its own merit.  There enters a lot of what ifs; looked upon as making sure or protecting self, when in fact there is being used a not recognized negative measurement.  There is no forward movement to develop the relationship and so the opportunity goes away with a refusal to enter into any relationship.  When this happens, the individual questions and wonders why they cannot bring a meaningful relationship into their present soul life.  The unconscious mind has entered into the diagnosis of relationship possibilities, using the not recognized negative measurement.  The standards for the not recognized negative measurement comes from the not very important repository.  Although minimization of the unpleasant experience(s) occurred, influencing is present.  Keeping focus on pleasant relationship experience does not remove any unpleasant experience(s) and effect(s).  The unpleasantness exerts dominant influence.  Some individuals will move towards a relationship with fear.  This can be looked upon as getting on a roller coaster ride.  The idea of getting on and riding is scary, the individual still rides because the desire for the experience exerts a stronger need to do it so that when it is over self talk enters that says “Why did I do that when I know what will happen.  Now I am a total wreck.  There is a beating of self which presents additional unpleasantness to be placed into the not very important repository.  There is a selective remembering of the thrill of the ride. The high was so good.

When there exists strong unpleasant experiences, causing reluctance to pursue new relationship or continue a present one, then the trailing thread to the past unpleasant relationship is thick.  Every relationship or opportunity to enter a relationship gets judged against the past experience.  Any pleasant experience that occurred in past relationship is placed in the not very important repository.  Any relationship or opportunity for relationship will be scrutinized and always held up to an examining light, to highlight every lack.  There may have been pleasant aspects of the past relationship which are intentionally not brought up because the unpleasant experience over shadows the good aspects.  There develops a thinking and a belief that the good times were flukes.  Minimization now takes place to intentionally lessen the impact because more unpleasant experiences were present in the relationship or the pleasant experience was so few and far between slight impact was exerted on the individual’s life.  This minimization over time places the experience(s) into a not very important repository.  Psychological influences which includes attitudes, behaviors and beliefs; develops a victim mentality with an ongoing dialogue of “poor me; I am always taken advantage of.  What is wrong with me?  I am no good to anyone or myself”.  Such thoughts, opens the gate for the individual to enter into or stay in a dysfunctional or domestic violence relationship.