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Communicate more effectively about day-to-day issues.  Manage and resolve conflicts.  Build a more productive and satisfying relationship.  Prevent chronic-marital discord.  Couple Communication is grounded in the fact that an intimate partnership, which is able to face life's concerns and solve problems effectively, is a fundamental resource for coping with relationship stress.

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Alcohol & Drug Information School (ADIS)

ADIS is the State of Alaska Program . for first time individuals who have been court ordered to obtain Alcohol and Drug intervention. 

The primary goal of ADIS is to reduce the number of alchol and other drug related crimes and to help individuals to understand, change or stop their high-risk use of substances. 

ADIS is an educational program in lieu of more severe punishment.  The program is a 12 hours interactive educational program for individuals with alcohol and/other drug-related offenses  The classes are scheduled over a three day or weekend format. 

  • Participants receive accurate information about Alaska laws and penalties that relate to alcohol and/or other drugs.

  • Participants explore how alcohol and/or other drugs affect behavior, th body, the family and th community.

  • Participants explore how alcohol and/or other drug use is connected to other high-risk behaviors.

  • Participants examine the fifferences between substance use, abuse and addiction.

  • Participants evaluate their own use of alcohol and/or other drugs.

  • Participants develop a change plan to avoid future problems with alcohol, other drugs an impaired driving.

The participant is given a workbook which is completed during the classes.  Workbook activities are designed to encourage participants to apply information to their personal circumstances.  It is recognized that Interactive Journaling® is an important agent of personl change.

The individual enters ADIS through referral from AASAP after an Assessment either at AEON Counseling, AASAP or some other agency authorized to provide assessment and conduct the ADIS Education Classes.  AEON Counseling has received the authorization to do both.