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Communicate more effectively about day-to-day issues.  Manage and resolve conflicts.  Build a more productive and satisfying relationship.  Prevent chronic-marital discord.  Couple Communication is grounded in the fact that an intimate partnership, which is able to face life's concerns and solve problems effectively, is a fundamental resource for coping with relationship stress.

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Effective anger management is one of the most important emotional skills you can learn. It is quite apparent how anger can damage relationships, and that is bad enough.

But anger has also been shown to be terribly damaging to the heart, especially in men. When you become angry, the pumping efficiency of the heart drops, often seriously, leading to arterial damage, making anger management one of the most important emotional skills. Understanding trance is the key to anger management Hypnosis is so effective in teaching anger management because it works on the 'same level' as anger. When you are extremely angry, you are in an emotional trance state, where the validity of other peoples' opinions no longer applies. Just like in a dream, you are able to hold bizarre opinions which afterwards, can seem stupid even to you!

But during the anger trance, you believe fully in the anger's view of things. To get control over anger, you have to break this trance before it gets a chance to get going. Anger Management will help you break out of the anger trance, stop it ruining your relationships, and damaging your health.


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