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Communicate more effectively about day-to-day issues.  Manage and resolve conflicts.  Build a more productive and satisfying relationship.  Prevent chronic-marital discord.  Couple Communication is grounded in the fact that an intimate partnership, which is able to face life's concerns and solve problems effectively, is a fundamental resource for coping with relationship stress.

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I  want to say thank you for all of the support and changes that you have helped me through. I have, with your help, be able to change my life in a positive way. Mike W.

I've known Tyrone Charles for nearly a decade and I attended his weekly meditation sessions 1997 to 1999.  I invited my friend to attend some of the sessions.  She suffered from debilitating migraines.  These migraines led to an addiction to pharmaceuticals and weekly visits to the emergency room. While she was attending the sessions at AEON Counseling she reported relief from her migraines and a renewed will to fight her addictions.  P M

Mr. Charles is a gifted counselor and a genuinely caring person.  I found his classes both informative and enjoyable and would happily recommend him to anyone in nee of his services

I highly recommend Tyrone Charles as an outstanding counselor/hypnotherapist. I have been his client for a long time.  Over twelve years, I’m sure seeing him has really changed my life and who I am as a person.  Today, I must say I’m a firm believer in Mental Health Counseling and Hypnotherapy.  Tyrone has a knack on how to approach all situations.  He can be gentle, firm and always understanding at a moments notice.  His most distinguishing trait or quality is his sincerity.  It reminds me of the famous Flip Wilson saying “What you see is what you get”, Tyrone is honest and he’s real.  Approximately a year and a half before seeking out Tyrone’s help, my doctor laid a rough diagnosis on me.  This required drug therapy, I could manage at home but it also made me very ill. I still had two children at home and this made life hard on all concerned.  As I watched my life fall apart around me I was thankful for my Sobriety but that wasn’t enough.  I realized I needed therapy.  I vowed to myself to seek help soon as I was able.  I heard about Tyrone from a friend and made an appointment.  I was at a breaking point! “I felt like a broken puzzle, scattered across time and I needed someone to help me put the many pieces back together again”.  We did that together! When I kept my 1st appointment with Tyrone, he asked me “How can I help you”?  At that time I was a chain smoker.  So my reply was “First I want to quit smoking”.  This happened, not over night but today I’m proud to be a non-smoker with 30 years sobriety on Dec 16th 2009.  I have shared everything with Tyrone even silly, immature things and I have learned.  I repeat, I have learned, “Oh, so much!”.  I’m full of gratitude.  All the rest is just immaterial.  So I will persevere!  Thank you Tyrone Charles for standing by me and never letting me down.  This is why I came and this is why I stayed.