AEON Counseling

Heart Centered Counseling


Focuses on the whole person needs of the individual, couple or family.  Every individual living on this earth reaches for and hopes to attain Peace, Love, Abundance and Enlightenment in their life.  When we are less successful than we hope for in achieving these four important elements, we feel pain in our emotional center; Our Heart.

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Learn proven skills to reduce stress.  Learn how to place your mind into neutral to stop negative thoughts. How to stabilize mind, body and emotions.   Remove sports performance anxiety for enhanced performance. Improve your mental clarity to accelerate reaction time and quicker mind body recovery.   Maintain focus using mental imagery through visualization and anchoring.  Develop a positive attitude for power performance and PERSONAL BEST.

  • No fee initial telephone consultation

  • Personal and Private Sessions to fit your needs

  • Appointments to fit your schedule

  • Weekend and evening session by appointment

  • Confidentiality assured

  • Multi-session packages available for Clinical Hypnotherapy

  • Insurance carrier accepted: Premera Blue Cross Provider, Tri-Care Provider

  • Insurance Payment accepted according to your insurance carrier

  • Major Credit cards accepted

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