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Heart Centered Counseling


Focuses on the whole person needs of the individual, couple or family.  Every individual living on this earth reaches for and hopes to attain Peace, Love, Abundance and Enlightenment in their life.  When we are less successful than we hope for in achieving these four important elements, we feel pain in our emotional center; Our Heart.

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I am Tyrone Charles and I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Clinical Hypnotherapist Diplomate.   I have a Masters Degree in Education (M.Ed) from Boston University; a Masters Degree in Agency Counseling (MA) from The University of Northern Colorado; Occupational Education (BS) Southern Illinois University-Carbondale and Certified in Clinical Hypnotherapy from various national certification Boards.   Chemical Dependency Counselor, and Certified Domestic Violence Counselor CDVCIII.  Alcohol Drug Information School Facilitator (ADIS).  Building Family Connections.

I was trained as a Hypnotherapist at The Wellness Institute, undergoing a rigorous two year training and internship program.  I have been in private practice over fourteen years with twelve years well proven experience and service as a hypnotherapist.  My hypnosis knowledge and skills are upgraded several times annually.

Mental Health/Counseling knowledge and skills are kept current through regular improvement seminars.  I am a member of The American Counseling Association.  Individual and group counseling services to clients experiencing family relationships and personal life issues.  Alcohol and drug abuse, domestic violence and anger control difficulties.


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