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Communicate more effectively about day-to-day issues.  Manage and resolve conflicts.  Build a more productive and satisfying relationship.  Prevent chronic-marital discord.  Couple Communication is grounded in the fact that an intimate partnership, which is able to face life's concerns and solve problems effectively, is a fundamental resource for coping with relationship stress.

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Hypnosis is a totally natural state of mind. When under hypnosis you will feel very relaxed, just like that wonderful feeling when you are tired lying in your bed and you are so overcome with comfort that you wish the moment could last forever. Through simple hypnotic, relaxation techniques you can easily attain this state at which time it becomes easy, with the help of a trained hypnotherapist, to visualise yourself becoming healthier, happier, more confident, a non-smoker. Whatever it is that you want to be! 

   What to Expect Of Hypnosis One of two things will happen when you use hypnosis to help you achieve your goal:
  • The “Magic Wand” Effect
  • The “Snowball” Effect

 The “Magic Wand” Effect is what everyone wants from hypnosis and is the most exciting and fun effect.  That’s when it’s as if your therapist simply taps you over the forehead with a magic wand and it’s as if you simply have changed.  Instantly, effortlessly… almost magically you may be free of the urge for cigarettes or alcohol or perhaps you’re thinking of food differently and find it easy to eat right and exercise. That happens a lot with hypnosis and it ONLY happens with hypnosis.  No other treatment modality can ever claim that kind of success. But it’s not the only kind of success hypnosis can have nor is it necessarily the best. The “Snowball” Effect is when you work with the hypnosis – following along with your hypnotherapists advice (both mental exercises and practical advice) listening to your customized hypnotherapy recording, etc. and begin to see subtle changes.  Little by little you come to new realizations and develop new habits that grow in effect like a snowball rolling down the mountain.  Like a seed that’s placed in the ground, sometimes you may not see an immediate result but roots are forming and branches are waiting to pop up out of the soil.  And just as a tiny seed can create an immense tree or a snowball can grow to enormous size and with unstoppable momentum – so does hypnosis help you make immense and PERMANENT life changes! Hypnosis is always quicker than any other kind of therapy!  But, whether it’s immediate and dramatic or it takes a few sessions with more gradual progress doesn’t matter.  What matters is that you accomplish your goal once and for all! 

What it’s Like

 Many people have a very wrong idea of what hypnosis is supposed to feel like based on what they’ve seen on television and the movies.  Light hypnosis is a state that we all experience to some degree every day such as:

  • When you’re driving and you get so caught up in your imaginings that you miss your exit – that’s a kind of hypnosis.
  • When you are so involved in a movie that you actually imagine yourself in the character’s shoes and physically jump when something startling happens to that character – that’s also a type of trance.
  • A runner in “the zone” (runner’s high); or a kid playing make-believe on the playground; or when you’re driving for hours and by “being elsewhere” mentally you completely lose track of time …– they are all examples of light altered states.
  • When you lie down to go to sleep at night and you let your mind wander in that day dreamy state right before you drift off to sleep – that’s hypnosis.

 Now, in the past you’ve probably never called these things hypnosis.  You haven’t ever thought of them as mystical experience or mind control or being “zombified” or anything of the sort have you?  No, because trance really is normal, natural and something you do accidentally every day without being aware of it.  EVERYONE CAN ACHIEVE HYPNOSIS.* The difference is that at AEON Counseling & Clinical Hypnotherapy, we are going to deliberately guide you into trance, deepen the trance – and USE these simple states of mind to help you learn with a different part of your brain how to change habits much more quickly and easily. Sometimes people are surprised because they really expected a foreign feeling – something exotic and amazing – and so they wonder if they’ve even been hypnotized.  But it doesn’t feel foreign at all… especially when people go into a lighter or “uptime” trance.   Only an unusually deep trance feels unusual. The good news is that light-to-medium depth trances are just as effective as deep trance experiences at making the changes you need to make.  It’s not the depth of trance that matters for change – it is REPETITION of the RIGHT post-hypnotic suggestions that matters most.  The suggestions have to meet your values and needs and take care what psychologists call the secondary gains of your behavior.   That’s also why we always make a tape or CD for you to take home and use over and over.  The more you use it, the more your unconscious mind learns and the more easily you can consciously change your habits.  Sometimes it’s effortless and the change can be AMAZING!  Other times, you still have to put real effort into changing your habits – but you will succeed this time because it gets much easier and much faster thanks to hypnosis. You will go deeper with practice simply as a byproduct of doing hypnosis regularly (hence the recording).  The only thing that keeps people from going deep is anxiety.  So the more you do it, the more at ease you become with it and therefore the deeper you go.  Also, just like anything else – the more you do it, the better you get at it.  Your experience will vary from time to time.  Sometimes you’ll just feel relaxed and wonder if anything happened at all, sometimes you’ll think you’ve dozed off and eventually (when you’ve gotten REALLY good at it) you may feel completely numb (hypnoanesthesia) or even like you are floating outside your body!   To start, just expect to relax and to enjoy listening to the soothing sounds of your therapist’s voice.

* Except people with brain damage or who are presently using certain mind-altering drugs.                                                                                     

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